Stuttgart, October 2023

By exemption decision of 20.10.2023 by Finanzamt Stuttgart corporations (tax authorities Stuttgart), it was confirmed once again that STW e.V. serves exclusively and directly tax-privileged non-profit charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 21 ff. AO.

Stuttgart, July 2023

STW e.V. developed the concept for the CO2e certificate register in July 2023. Since then, the STW e.V. has operated the certificate register as a register manager.

The CO2e certificate register is a platform for the standardized and simple documentation of proof of certificate quantities and qualities in climate protection projects.

The CO2e certificate register is aimed at people who validate, trade or consume CO2e certificates, so-called carbon certificates. 1 certificate equals 1 ton of CO2e.

Proof of the use of CO2e certificates is documented in the CO2e certificate register.

As a neutral stakeholder, STW e.V. operates the CO2e certificate register and provides a system with which CO2e certificates can be certified and tracked from validation to consumption (deletion).

The STW e.V. operates the certificate register as the register manager. The tasks of keeping the register include:
• Supervision of the users of the system
• Quality assurance as part of the verification documentation
• Onboarding and management of users
• Provision and further development of the technical system

Due to its structure, the STW e.V. is independent of the players in the carbon industry. He was therefore used as a neutral registrar.

The CO2e certificate properties documented in the form of a CO2e certificate register excerpt can then be used by end consumers for their verification documentation for authorities or customers.

Stuttgart, December 2022

Forest protection project

STW e.V. continues the programs of promotion and dissemination of the initiative of United Nations Organization (Sustainable Development Goals No.11, 13, 15, 17) afforestation and reforestation, sustainable management of forests, the protection of forests, forest parks, protection of their green spaces as carbon stores (so-called REDD +).

The forest protection areas are located in the middle of Germany and other European countries. The forest protection projects are currently in the pre-cert phase. They will be audited in 2023 and validated and certified according to independent and voluntary schemes (VER+, Gold Standard, VCS, etc.).


Stuttgart, November 2022

The escaped soul. Ukrainian culture in the face of war

STW e.V. took part in the one-day event "Ukrainian culture in the face of war - possibilities and projects of cooperation and support". The aim of the event is, on the one hand, to make artists known to each other and to cultural institutions and initiatives in the state of Baden-Württemberg and to network more closely. On the other hand, cultural and political actors in the country should be made aware of the situation and possibilities for support should be explored and requested.

The afternoon was planned as a public panel and discussion session, which included Natalka Sniadanko, writer and journalist from Ukraine, Christine Fischer, director of "Musik der Jahrhunderte" and Michael Joukov, member of the state parliament. A concert with "Fo Sho", two rappers from Ukraine, concludes the event.

XTRA [Official Music Video]

U CRY NOW [Official Music Video]


Stuttgart, October 2022

STW e.V. starts with verification by audit to validate forest protection projects


Stuttgart, August 2022

Photo report on project Moringa Oleifera


Stuttgart, April 2022

Workshop with Alevtina Kakhidze for young and old

STW e.V. supported a workshop with the Ukrainian artist Alevtina Kakhidze in the ifa gallery. Equipped with a coloring book by the artist and colored pencils, the visitors dealt with the question of the citizenship of humans, plants and animals. The artist was connected online from near Kyiv.


Cultural Aid Ukraine interim result

We thank the great public participation. The choir was successfully brought first to Poland, then to Germany, Stuttgart. The Stuttgart newspaper reported on this.

Link to the article: Help for Ukrainian artists in Stuttgart

A tour in southern Germany, Berlin and Hamburg is being planned together with the IFA and the BW Ministry of Education. Inquiries from Italy and France are also being processed. After Poland, the choir is currently in Italy.

Stuttgart, March 2022

Cultural Aid Ukraine

Together with Kulturhilfe Ukraine of the Institute for Foreign Relations in Stuttgart in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg we launched a rescue operation to bring to Stuttgart from the war zone the National Folk Choir and Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named Werowka.

The Veryovka Ukrainian Folk Choir (Національний заслужений академічний український народний хор України імені Григорія Верьовки) is a professional Ukrainian ensemble. The choir was founded in 1943 in Kharkiv to promote and spread Ukrainian folk music and dance traditions. The initiator and the first leader of the choir was Hryhoriy Veryovka, researcher and choir conductor. The repertoire of the ensemble is based on Ukrainian folklore, songs and dances of other nations. The ensemble consists of 80 people including not only singers but also orchestral and choreographic groups.

Video "Hopak"

Video "Handkerchief of love "


Stuttgart, February 2022

Ukraine emergency aid: Help Ukraine with your donation!

With great concerns, we are following the dramatic news that is reaching us from Ukraine. Many are wondering these days how they can help. Please support the people of Ukraine with your donation. We guarantee you that your donations will reach Ukraine. Thank you very much for your solidarity with the people of Ukraine.


Donation account: STW e.V. / Volksbank Stuttgart eG / IBAN: DE78 6009 0100 0238 5470 00 / BIC: VOBADESS


Stuttgart, October 2021

Promote climate projects in the forest

“Plant trees to protect the climate” – everyone has surely come across this simple appeal at some point. When booking a flight, attending an event or a cruise, you can already reduce your carbon footprint today by compensating for emissions that cannot be avoided by funding climate protection projects.


Stuttgart, September 2021

For the love of nature, because trees guarantee our survival.

We have an earth that we want to protect and preserve for ourselves and for future generations. That is why SAVE THE World supports private households and companies in reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions through to climate neutrality. Limiting global warming is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Because we believe that everyone can do something, we try to ensure the survival of generations with jointly thought-out concepts and the use of existing resources, in particular by preserving forest areas.

Plant trees to protect the climate” – everyone has surely come across this simple appeal at some point. When booking a flight, attending an event or driving your car to go shopping or to work, you can already reduce your carbon footprint today by compensating for emissions that cannot be avoided by funding climate protection projects. Just as climate change is man-made, we as humanity still have the opportunity today to take countermeasures. Models that have been tried and tested in practice for a long time such as fair trade, the economy for the common good or solidarity agriculture show that sustainable alternatives to destructive economic activity and consumption work.

More and more citizens and companies want to make their contribution to climate protection in this way. The protection of trees, which then absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) during their growth and bind it in their wood, is a particularly effective measure. Forests make an important contribution to climate protection at both global and national level by actively removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the build-up of biomass and the accumulation of organic material in the soil. Promote the carbon storage forest and emission certificates from forest climate projects.

STW e.v. offers you the opportunity to easily leave your personal green footprint for the future and future generations.

Albert Einstein once said "Once the bee disappears from the face of the earth, man will not have much longer to live"

No more green-believing naivety!

Let's take responsibility and act together


Stuttgart, February 2021

STW e.V. and All-Ukrainian youth association signed a memorandum on cooperation in Dissemination of the United Nations Partnership for Sustainable Development initiative.


Stuttgart, August 2020

STW e.V. and the Research Institute "Resource" have concluded an agreement on the development of cooperation in the field of ecology and alternative energy through the development and production of research, pilot, research and industrial samples of products based on the institute's patents.


Stuttgart, Oktober 2019

Photo report on project Moringa Oleifera



Stuttgart, December 2017

STW e.V. supports the work of the Artist Anja Münstermann.

What is art? A reproduction of life? An interplay of light and shadow? A sound that you can not hear? In any case, it's not just "creating works of art". It is a passion for her.


Stuttgart, July 2017

By exemption decision of 21.06.2017 by Finanzamt Stuttgart corporations (tax authorities Stuttgart), it was confirmed once again that STW e.V. serves exclusively and directly tax-privileged non-profit charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 21 ff. AO.


 STW eV and International Charitable Foundation "Children-Chernobyls invalides" signed an agreement on co-operation in humanitarian programs for the disabled children of Chernobyl.


Stuttgart, Oktober 2016

Children of a painting school paint pots for Moringa tree seedlings.


Stuttgart, September 2016

Save The World supports Speed Kicker Masters 2016 in Germany. The moderation and the tournament management are carried out by Mola Adebisi and the world champion Katrin Matsushita.


Stuttgart, February 2015

STW e.V. and Global United FC e.V.  have signed a memorandum about collaboration.

Intention: To create a clean and healthy future for us and our children, to help thoseones whose future needs to be supported. Global United has three goal targets: aid projects, charity matches, guerilla marketing. Football isn´t only a mass phenomenom and part of everyday culture but the popular sport number one worldwide too! Football can cause tears and dolor – but great joy and euphoria, enthusiasm and motivation alike. We are useing this emotion and transfer it into our projects in order to help.