STW e.V. developed the concept for the CO2e certificate register in July 2023. Since then, the STW e.V. has operated the certificate register as a register manager.

The CO2e certificate register is a platform for the standardized and simple documentation of proof of certificate quantities and qualities in climate protection projects. The CO2e certificate register is aimed at people who validate, trade or consume CO2e certificates, so-called carbon certificates. 1 certificate equals 1 ton of CO2e.

Proof of the use of CO2e certificates is documented in the CO2e certificate register. As a neutral stakeholder, STW e.V. operates the CO2e certificate register and provides a system with which CO2e certificates can be certified and tracked from validation to consumption (deletion).

Due to its structure, the STW e.V. is independent of the players in the carbon industry. He was therefore used as a neutral registrar. The CO2e certificate properties documented in the form of a CO2e certificate register excerpt can then be used by end consumers for their verification documentation for authorities or customers.

For register checking by certificate ID or by certificate number

Forest protection project

STW e.V. continues the programs of promotion and dissemination of the initiative of United Nations Organization (Sustainable Development Goals No. 11, 13, 15, 17) afforestation and reforestation, sustainable management of forests, the protection of forests, forest parks, protection of their green spaces as carbon stores (so-called REDD +).

The forest protection areas are located in the middle of Germany and other European countries. The forest protection projects are currently in the pre-cert phase. They will be audited in 2023 and validated and certified according to independent and voluntary schemes (VER+, Gold Standard, VCS, etc.).

Fundraising campaign: Forest protection project

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